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Bigdata and Analytics

Big data & analytics is a emerging new technology. It mainly consist of process of managing, collecting and analyzing huge datasets which are available in the order of terabytes and petabytes. With leading big companies such as facebook, retailers, Amazon inc, managing Big data, there is good opportunity for skilled professionals to understand these data sets and its operations. Infibusiness Solution offers certifications in Big Data training. Bigdata have wide range of syllabus for large dataset management and analysis.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is now one of the best tools for marketing and branding. It is creating significant impact in today's marketing trends. Many Organizations are taking this opportunity to fulfill their business objectives like Sales, Marketing, CRM, Product Development and Research. Digital Marketing media is expected to grow to US$ 237 Billion by 2016 and the rate of growth in Asia is over 35%. There are ample amount of job in field of social media and digital media. A Digital Marketing professional can expect to earn anywhere in world between Rs 25,000 and Rs 250,000/month. There’s an opportunity for every kind of graduate or post-graduate student. Professional certification will be provided at the end of training completion.

Web Programming

We provide training in various web programming languages. Training will be available in basic Web languages like HTML | JAVA | PHP | C,C++ | XML | Javascript | AJAX | Perl | ASP | .NET | CSS | Python. A well training atmosphere with seperate batches. Special focus will be provided to every students. Students are mean to work on live projects. Professional certification will be provided at the end of training completion.

Graphics Design

Graphic designers are require in almost every industries -- A designer convey message of brand or products through the design of its digital and/or physical materials. In marketing & communications, publishing houses, web design companies and software development companies, we require graphics designer. We help students to learn creative design with lots of efforts and works. Professional certification will be provided at the end of training completion.

Android Apps Training

Our online and institute training courses have covered almost every topics of Mobile App development. Basic knowledge of C programming is required to start this course. Start creating apps with no prior experience. No need to learn hardcore computer programming or java. Learn on your own schedule, at your own pace. No Android phone required, a phone emulator is included

Hadoop Training

Hadoop Cluster Administration training course is require to gain the basic knowledge and needed skills to become a successful Hadoop architect, big data engineer or Hadoop administrator. Bigdata engineer are highest paid employees. We start hadoop training with fundamental concepts of Hadoop, its architecture and Hadoop Cluster (nodes). We provide you training to configure hadoop cluster with real database and you will also learn how to deploy, manage, monitor, and secure cluster nodes. Towards end of the course, you will be able to work on real system and solve the industry level problems by using hadoop cluster.

Cloud Technology

Another most advance and growing field is cloud computing market. Many big companies and professionals are looking for a solution to build cloud competencies to properly manage, utilize and govern new technologies. We provide professional training in Cloud in two ways:

1. Based on prior training or certification

2. Role-based to help end learners easily find their way in the Professional Cloud.

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